Tis the Season

(youth newsletter)

This is the season where we usually get busy, stressed, over whelmed, agitated, short tempered, while trying our best to give  THANKS! Finals coming up in school, spending extra time with family members, having to go to school when you know exactly how many days you have until you get a much needed two week break.


Let us not forget what we celebrate this season. What we gather together for. The event that changed the course of history; a baby has been born in Bethlehem and the world has never been the same. Christ has been born, the Word has become flesh and dwelt among us; Immanuel, God with us.  More than just the birth of a baby, this baby brought Hope, hope of a Savior, a rescuer, the One who would redeem His people so that we could enter into fellowship with Him.


This season let’s celebrate, celebrate the fact that we have been redeemed, the fact that our Savior has come and is returning again. In the midst of the crazy holiday season, don’t forget that because of His birth we celebrate this season. Hope has entered the world, and because of this we can celebrate, we can rejoice and we can worship.


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