Audacious Truth


Had an incredible week last week at Student Life Camp located at University of Texas at Arlington, where we put on a VBS in the projects through Mission Arlington.

God ministered greatly in our group as well as in the lives of many people there, saw God do what only He can do and call people from dark to light! Saw prayers get answered! Peace given! Worlds rocked with the Gospel, and Christ’s love go out to a group of people different from us and, saw students love and love and love on them.

As I’m still trying to process the week; here are a few Gospel Truths (nuggets) given to us last week:

All from Camp Pastor: Afshin Ziafat

  • Some of you will miss God’s will because you are mindful of the things of men and of God (Matthew 16:23)
  • “Follow Me” is the call of Christ on your life
  • We are really good at keeping commands, doing the “good” Christian things, but God says you must give it all up to follow Him
  • God has a plan for your life, and if you’re not careful you can miss it
  • A Christian out of God’s will, is like a fish out of water, he will struggle until he gets back in water.
  • Just because you have something in your life doesn’t mean it’s of God, sometimes God will give you what you desire to show you how much you really don’t want/need it. 
  • God’s will is much deeper than who you will marry; where you will work, live, etc.
  • Sin is anything outside of Gods best for you
  • If your goal is the American Dream then there is no good in suffering, but if your goal is to be more like Christ, then there is hope in suffering. 
  • You will either stand on what you have done or what Christ has done.
  • Integrity: honoring God regardless of the circumstances
  • Epidemic of youth ministry is that Jesus isn’t your Lord but an event is.
  • Don’t be an event-to-event Christian, be a day-in day-out Christian. 
  • Noah’s ark was a visible representation of his faith, whats yours?
  • Every step we take walking with Christ is another nail in our Ark of Faith
  • If you don’t live our your faith, you forfeit your right to witness for Him.
  • The greatest miracle of Jonah, is that God would take a man who was running from Him and have him only walk 1/3 of the way through the city and preach only 5 words (in the original language) and the whole city would repent! That’s the power of God!
  • The Gospel will compel missions.
  • When I understand the Gospel, I forfeit the right to cheer anyones death, who didn’t know Him.
  • We shouldn’t be surprised by lost people acting lost.
  • The weight of the stewardship we have been given compels us to go.
  • The Gospel will compel you to get out of your comfort zone and go to others.  

Just some random thoughts/ quotes from camp last week. Was an incredible week.


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